100% Certified Organic, 100% Gluten-Free, 100% Whole Food, 100% RAW

The Only 100% Organic, 100% Vegetarian, 100% Whole Food
and 100% RAW Meal Replacement (with 50% PURE protein!)

Now You Can Stay Busy And Stay Healthy Too

100% Organic and 100% Whole Food meal Replacement

Super YASAi Can Help You

Too Busy To Eat Healthy At Work?

Too Busy To Eat Healthy At Work?

You work full-time every day, so that often means grabbing fast-food or skipping lunch completely, then you arrive home starving, so you eat a heavy dinner just to feel satisfied. Is this you? Never will you have to grab any unhealthy lunch, in fact now you can eat healthier than everyone in your office!

stop craving sweets

Often Crave Sweets?

Ever wondered why you crave sweets? The answer is simple -- the meal you just ate didn't have enough protein to satisfy you, so your mind gives you a sugar craving to replace the missing energy. Next time you feel a craving, grab Super YASAi instead and feel your craving disappear or at least much less.

Lose Weight Without Exercise

Want To Lose Only Unhealthy Fat, Without Any Exercise?

Most people see someone overweight and assume they don't exercise enough, but the lack of exercise is not the cause, The real cause of too much unhealthy fat is not eating healthy enough every day. And not eating healthy enough while trying hard exercise damages your heart, liver and kidneys, much like trying to rev an engine without enough oil or gas -- dangerous! Eat Super YASAi every day and you'll never have to exercise to lose only unhealthy fat again. It's true! Super YASAi to the rescue!

when you have to rush

Do You Rush To Work?

There just isn't enough time in the day to shop, prepare, then sit and eat a really healthy breakfast and lunch, every day, especially if you are the only provider for your whole family. But that doesn't mean your health must continue to suffer. You could buy the healthiest food at the grocery store and still not come close to the powerfully healthy food in Super YASAi, so you might as well save yourself time, money and of course save your health, because you can grab Super YASAi while running out the door!

Keep My Child Healthy

Can You Feed Your Children 100% Organic Every Day?

Thousands of health reports about our children are piling up. And they all point to one main cause of our children becoming sicker than any generation before us -- an unhealthy diet. And though many blame parents for feeding their children unhealthy food every day, most parents actually don't want to feed their children anything unhealthy, but they either can't afford to buy only 100% Organic food or live too far away from any source of 100% Organic food. Now you can feed all your children Super YASAi every day, for breakfast, lunch, or BOTH and never worry about their health again! Cost per meal? Less than a cheeseburger! Convenient? Super YASAi is delivered straight to your desk or doorstep!

Seniors Living Longer and Stronger

Want To Live Longer And Stronger?

Many parents don't live long enough to enjoy their grandchildren, especially their great-grandchildren. Illness causes premature death, drugs cause side-effects and medical bills can wipe out your life-savings tomorrow! But many seniors are now living longer and stronger than most everyone around them, why? Because they eat Super YASAi every day. You were not born with an expiration date stamped on your foot; you can live longer than most everyone around you by simply eating the healthiest food the earth can grow, and eat it every single day. Super YASAi has already saved thousands of families over $1 Billion in medical bills, too. You can be next!

Very Nutritious

Have you tried vitamins, supplements and 'healthy food' for years, but your health still doesn't improve much? That's because food healthy enough to truly prevent your pain, inflammation and disease, isn't sold in stores! You can't even find it in the organic section, because only a few Farmers left here can grow it, so it costs too much for stores to buy. But you found it here! And the more nutritious the food, the more satisfied you feel after. It's true!

Super Delicious

Did you know really healthy food always tastes delicious? And the slight cinnamon taste makes Super YASAi even better. How? Because very plant in Super YASAi is the same as if you were walking on a mountain top far away from anyone or anything, completely untouched by any synthetic chemical and then picked it right there to eat, then felt immediately better and the taste was sweet, too. This is what it feels like to eat Super YASAi every day.

Very Low Cost

How much does an unhealthy fast-food meal these days cost? $4 maybe $5? Way too expensive for unhealthy food! And you still have to drive there, use gas and use your time. Plus your health suffers over time to the point of disease, then you really start paying. Now save your time, your gas, your health and of course your money, by only eating Super YASAi for breakfast and lunch. Receive directly to your desk or doorstep.


theHealthFoodGuru here...

Decades ago I noticed our food supply becoming more and more toxic, no wonder why today most everyone is chronically ill. I couldn't sleep at night knowing I feed that to my family every day. Then one day I found a couple Farmers who feel exactly the same as me, but they couldn't make a living selling their extremely healthy food to the stores, because they couldn't sell it at the very cheap prices stores now only want. I promised I would buy enough from them to keep them business, and I have been for the last few years. I started out feeding only my family, then all my friends, and after everyone improved their health and reached every health goal they ever had, I realized YOU and your family need this, too. If you only knew how little is left of food healthy enough to truly prevent disease and satisfy you, you would be as scared as me. Thankfully I buy enough to keep these Farmers in business and growing this powerfully rich, healthy food, but we still need to eat more, so there is plenty more for your children, your grandchildren and hopefully your great-grandchildren, too.


What are the ingredients in Super YASAi? *Hemp Seed, *Broccoli, *Carrots, *Beat Root and *Cinnamon. *100% Certified Organic and 100% RAW.
How does Super YASAi taste? Smooth and delicious. Really. Just mix with water.
Does Super YASAi have any side-effects? Absolutely not. And Super YASAi can never interfere with any drugs or treatments you are doing.
How much Super YASAi should I eat every day? I suggest at least 2 table spoons (15g) with water for breakfast and for lunch. You can eat more if you feel hungry or a craving anytime, because you cannot eat too much. I work hard all day, so I definitely prefer to keep Super YASAi by my side whenever I feel hungry. The same for any full-time athlete.
Will eating Super YASAi help me live longer and stronger? Over the last 100 years, thousands of reports and studies from the world's most educated and experienced healers, showed a link between all disease and inflammation. And eating the healthiest food every day prevents inflammation, therefore prevents disease, too. That's why the longer you eat Super YASAi the better you feel, so go ahead and eat Super YASAi as your meal replacement every day and don't worry about your health.
Can everyone eat Super YASAi? Absolutely. From newborns to senior citizens, everyone.
Can I build big muscles only eating Super YASAi ? If you lift heavy weights constantly, then yes. But your muscle will look lean and defined, not just bulky. The 50% pure protein in Super YASAi is what makes all muscle grow stronger every day, whether you lift or don't lift at all.
Can Super YASAi help lower my bad cholesterol, too? Definitely. Your whole body improves the healthier you eat, including your cholesterol, by helping to push out the bad cholesterol.
Can Super YASAi help me lose weight? Absolutely. Weight gain is actually a symptom of an unhealthy, malnourished body, obesity being the extreme of that, so eating Super YASAi for 2 meals every day has helped so many lose unhealthy fat consistently, sometimes up to 100lbs (45kgs) or more, if you stay consistent. 2-4 table spoons per meal is best, depending on how hungry you feel. Let your body tell you. You cannot eat too much.
If I eat Super YASAi every day, how long does it take for my blood sugar to balance? Based on feedback from many diabetics over the last few years, usually 2-3 weeks, but I have heard even sooner.
Do I need to buy vitamins, supplements, protein or probiotics if I am eating Super YASAi? Most everyone takes a vitamin or supplement every day, because they know the food they eat isn't healthy enough, and they are right, because all the food out there just isn't healthy enough. But Super YASAi is not like any of the food out there, not even close. You might find this hard to believe, because most of us have never experienced a food so powerfully healthy that you never need store vitamins or supplements, but Super YASAi has 100x more absorbable nutrition than any store nutrition sold anywhere. Every vitamin, mineral, enzyme, protein and plant probiotic grown wild in nature, are all in Super YASAi, and not as synthetic isolations but rather as real food. Your body receives the most benefit from the quality of nutrition, not the quantity. In fact, your body can make all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics it needs only when your body has all the nutrition from quality food, even from small amounts. This fact is missed by the masses who focus only on quantity and the very reason why the vitamin/supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet disease is on the rise. Only eating what your body is made of could your body ever grow stronger. I understand though that taking store vitamins and supplements for years, you can't imagine not taking any supplementation, and that's OK. You'll still notice a difference eating Super YASAi every day, no matter what else you take.
Can I change or pause my auto-ship or quantity anytime? Yes. Just email to info@thehealthfoodguru.com with your name and request. You can change your bottle quantity and/or the auto-ship duration. Auto-Ship default is 2 weeks.
Will I be able to maintain my health if I stop eating Super YASAi? Unlikely, because you can't buy the same quality food in Super YASAi from any grocery store or farmer's market, or anywhere else. Plus why would you want to stop eating very healthy every day anyway?

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