“If You’re Not Cleansing, You’re Accumulating.” theHealthFoodGuru


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Over the last 3 decades I have helped thousands of mothers, fathers and children dramatically decrease their pain, inflammation and deterioration, everywhere in their body, and without another pill or drug of any kind. And I can do the same for YOU, right now! Your Pesticide Cleanse is absolutely 100% GMO-Free, absolutely 100% Pesticide-Free and even 100% Gluten-Free! All of our lives we have been bombarded by pesticides, GMOs, pollutants, allergens and so many toxins, especially in our food, which still continue to increase every day – this leaves you and your family to suffer from constant pain, inflammation and deterioration! And instead of anyone ever telling you how to clean out the decades of accumulation causing your pain, inflammation or deterioration, instead 1,000s of disease names have been created to prescribe drugs to your pain, inflammation or deterioration. There are powerful entities out there that will stop at nothing to prevent you from decreasing your pain, inflammation or deterioration, and from me showing you exactly how to do this naturally and holistically! I grew up watching family and friends struggle with constant pain, inflammation and deterioration, and some passed away, then years later I discovered the perfect combination of plants that are so powerfully effective, you may feel relief in seconds! And the longer you eat these, the less pain, inflammation and deterioration you may feel, permanently. There was a time years ago I charged a lot for this very specific and very powerful “Ultimate Cleanse Guide”, because well, it has saved so many lives! But there is so much skepticism out there these days that prevents so many from finally getting the help they desperately need. For this reason I want to give you my most precious “Ultimate Cleanse Guide“, FREE. Yes, really. Get ready to start feeling much better.


Can anyone do the cleanse?

Yes. Every age, from pregnancy to 125 years old.

Will the cleanse interfere with any drugs or any treatments I'm currently doing?

No. Plus your cleanse is 100% food, so there is nothing in it that could interfere with anything.

Is there a limit how much cleanse I can consume each day?

Definitely not. Your cleanse is 100% food — 100% healthy food that is. And since it’s impossible to be too healthy, it’s also impossible to eat too much healthy food. You can of course eat too much unhealthy food.

Why is the Pesticide Cleanse also a meal replacement and not a supplement or pill?

After decades researching every cleanse out there, it’s glaringly obvious only a cleanse in food form could ever cleanse at a cellular level. In fact, the more powerfully healthy the food, the more powerfully healthy the cleanse — and this is the most powerful food in the world!

How do pesticides, GMOs, allergens, pollutants and toxins cause me pain & inflammation?

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury, whether on the outside or the inside. Injury is injury and inflammation is how your body tries to heal your injury. If you scraped your knee and instead of cleaning it you just took pain-pills, wouldn’t the injury continue and wouldn’t the inflammation continue? Imagine not cleaning it for years, for decades, what would happen to your injury? Now you know what can happen inside your body, too, when you never clean out what is injuring you on the inside. You could take pain-pills or try to suppress your immune system all you want, but as long as the injury remains, you will never heal. Do you see why this Pesticide Cleanse is so important? For so many it’s the difference between living longer and stronger or suffering every day. Unless you purposely clean these out every day, they remain, accumulating throughout your whole life and causing you more and more pain, inflammation and deterioration.

Does this Pesticide Cleanse have any side-effects?

No. And your Pesticide Cleanse will never interfere with any drugs or treatments you are doing.

I see this Pesticide Cleanse has high protein, can I build muscle?

If you lift heavy weights constantly, then yes. Your muscles will look lean and defined, not bulky. Only healthy protein like what’s in this Pesticide Cleanse and all the other cleanses here could ever keep muscle growing stronger every day, whether you lift or don’t lift at all.

Can this Pesticide Cleanse help lower my bad cholesterol, too?

Definitely. Your Pesticide Cleanse also helps clean out the bad cholesterol.

Can this Pesticide Cleanse help me lose weight?

Absolutely. Weight gain is actually a symptom of swollen fat cells from too much accumulation, obesity being the extreme of that, so as you continue your Weight-Loss Cleanse, the more your fat cells shrink, sometimes up to 100lbs (45kgs) or more, if you stay consistent. Remember, the more you mix the less hungry you feel.

If I continue this Pesticide Cleanse every day, how long does it take for my blood sugar to balance?

Based on feedback from many diabetics over the last few years, usually 2-3 weeks, but I have heard even sooner.

Can I change or pause my auto-ship or quantity anytime?

Yes. Just email info AT thehealthfoodguru.com with your name and request. You can change your jar quantity and/or the auto-ship duration. Auto-Ship default is 30 days.

Will I be able to maintain my health if I stop this Pesticide Cleanse?

Unlikely, because this Pesticide Cleanse is nowhere else. Why would you want to stop feeling less pain, inflammation or deterioration anyway? This is the best prevention you can do for your body.


Have you tried vitamins, supplements and ‘ate healthy’ for years, but your health still doesn’t improve much? That’s because food healthy enough to truly stop or even prevent your pain, inflammation or deterioration, isn’t sold in stores! You can’t even find it in the organic section, because only a few Farmers left here can grow food powerfully cleansing enough to literally cleanse at a cellular level, so it costs too much for stores to buy. Start cleaning out decades of pesticides, GMOs, allergens, pollutants and toxins, with the most nutritious cleanse not found anywhere else!


Did you know really healthy food always tastes delicious? And the slight cinnamon taste makes your Pesticide Cleanse a breeze to eat every day. Most people go through life never eating really healthy food every day, so when they eat food they were told is healthy, but it doesn’t taste good, they conclude healthy food doesn’t taste good. But food that is really healthy always tastes good and that’s the only food I would ever use in your Pesticide Cleanse. Your Pesticide Cleanse is so different that you will be shocked just how effective. This truly is healthy and truly is delicious — children love it, too!


Your Pesticide Cleanse is powerfully nutritious, super delicious, powerfully cleansing and only $2.66/day! That’s why this is The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse, and meal replacement, in one! This could be cheaper than your typical fast-food meal I think. Is this a dream?? NOPE. I am busting all the healthy food assumptions out there and changing your health once and for all. Your Pesticide Cleanse is the cleanse that ends all cleanses. Anything else preventing you from starting your Pesticide Cleanse? Receive directly to your desk or doorstep, anywhere in the world.